Deliver Salesforce projects. With AllAi at your side.

The AI powered platform with automated quality across every project phase.

AI at your fingertips

Experience the power of AllAi, enabling seamless automation and quality in every stage of your Salesforce project.

Empower Salesforce professionals across roles

Whether you are a product owner, consultant, architect, developer, QA engineer or any other professional, this platform is tailored to cater to your specific needs.

Higher project quality

AllAi empowers you to automatically generate documentation, test cases and scripts, while also identifying defects and breaking changes. For issue resolution, it provides you with suggestions and workarounds, ensuring smoother workflows.

Faster time to market

With faster planning facilitated by domain knowledge assistants, you can accelerate the initial stages of your project. And when it comes to building, reduce the waiting time for feedback and expert suggestion, and get guided steps, and code drafts, enabling faster development and resolution.

AI for all project roles

AllAi covers multiple use cases for all kinds of roles: from automating repetitive tasks to analyzing data and providing valuable insights. Whether you need assistance with lead generation, quality, planning, coding, or technical support, AllAi is your go-to AI resource.

Unlock AI Possibilities 

Integrate with various tools, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for Salesforce professionals across different roles.

Your Conversations, Your Privacy

AllAi is like a friend who helps you but doesn’t remember anything you tell them. Our data retention-free model ensures that your conversations remain confidential. With AllAi, your input and outputs are never incorporated into the model.

Our users say

"I can confidently say that AllAi has made me a better developer. Thanks to its features, I feel more equipped to tackle a wide range of challenges and work with increased efficiency and accuracy. The tools, such as ‘find and fix bugs’ and ‘Docstring Generation,’ are incredibly useful. However, it’s the chat functionality that I find most beneficial. Being able to get a fresh perspective from AllAi means I rarely encounter the dreaded ‘brick wall’ in technical tasks. It allows me to keep moving forward and make progress seamlessly."

Dave Write
Back-end developer

"Initially, I was skeptical about AllAi, but now I use it daily, primarily for my work as a developer. It's fantastic to have all these integrated tools within Visual Studio Code. Additionally, I find the chat options very useful, particularly the text reviewer, which I utilize when presenting written work like this."

Felix Bagur
Full stack developer

"I really enjoy using AllAi. It is undeniably a productivity tool that makes my work easier and helps me with mundane tasks like writing docstrings and generating mock data for testing. Writing docstrings was always a nightmare for me, but with the help of AllAi I can effortlessly generate docstrings for multiple functions in just a matter of seconds."

Hristina Hristova
Front-end developer

Powerful AI Solutions 

Maximize productivity with the AI-powered platform designed for Salesforce professionals, enhancing overall project quality, collaboration, and time to market. Save time on your project and focus on building and achieving faster time to value.

AI tailored to Salesforce technology

Elevate your Salesforce experience with AllAi's support, where in-depth market insights and a continuous feedback loop deliver the highest accuracy and relevance.

All Software Delivery Life Cycle use cases

Simplify your development journey with AllAi Platform, that streamlines your entire development lifecycle, outperforming solutions.

Adoption guidance and trainings

AllAi enriches your team's capabilities with built-in analytics, an interactive forum, and specialized training, ensuring that AI's transformative power is fully harnessed for your enterprise's success.

Simple pricing

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What topics can AllAi help me with?

AllAi can help you with a wide range of topics. Whether you need help with writing a report, coding a website, or navigating Salesforce, AllAi has got you covered.

Is AllAi available 24/7?

Yes, AllAi is available 24/7, so you can get the help you need whenever you need it.

Is my data shared with third parties or used for marketing purposes?

No, your data is used solely to provide you with the assistance you need and is not shared with anyone outside of the system. All data collected is stored securely and protected using industry-standard encryption and security protocols; and does not collect any sensitive personal information.

What data has AllAi been trained on?

AllAi has been trained using a combination of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. It has been trained on a vast amount of data, including text-based resources, approved open source code libraries and OSF owned code repositories.

How does AllAi help improve project quality?

AllAi assists developers in adding docstrings and comments to their code, making it more maintainable and readable. It adds unit tests, identifies bugs, and suggests fixes. It also generates test cases, test plans and datasets for QA engineers, ensuring that the project outcomes are robust and reliable.

How does AllAi help with release management?

AllAi generates code drafts and documentation automatically, and it creates pull request summaries, providing an overview of the changes made. It also generates periodic release notes, helping teams keep track of development progress and facilitating continuous delivery.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about AllAi, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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